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This image shows a digital X-ray (left) and a Carivu image (right) of a tooth that a patient was having pain on. On the digital x-ray, there is no sign of caries. On the Carivu image, we are able to see a crack that has occurred, which was not visible on the x-ray.

Digital X-ray and CariVu


A young female patient had a concern about spacing in the front teeth area. She selected closing the gaps with full porcelain crowns. Minimal tooth reduction was done and the patient was able to get her result in 1 week vs. possibly 1 year through orthodontic treatment.

Porcelain Crowns



The case below shows a patient that had porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM) done at another office, about a month ago, because it was lower cost. As you can see there is a chip in the porcelain which is allowing the metal to show through. On the right are pictures of the all-ceramic crowns we provide to our patients. Even if the crown were to chip there would be no metal showing because there is no metal.


Fused Porcelain



Night guards can be crucial for some patients! The patient below requires a night guard. The patient has severe grinding that can be seen in the photos. The teeth are worn about 50% currently. If the patient does not get a night guard the teeth can be ground down to the gum line.

Teeth Grinding



Frenectomy is a surgical procedure to remove high attachment frenal tissue (gum tissue). This specific procedure is done through a laser. Some of the advantages of using the laser is painless and bloodless because there is no use of surgical blades. Treatment with the laser has faster recovery time and healing. This patient’s gap will now reduce over time due to the removal of the high attachment tissue using the laser.



This young female patient had a deep concern about her smile. She was also concerned about one of her teeth being naturally narrower than the mirroring tooth. Instead of going through orthodontic treatment, which would not address her concern about the narrow tooth, she decided to get 2 full porcelain crowns placed. Her new full porcelain crowns gave her a new, bright and even smile she desired! We love giving our patients the results they love!!


Dental Crowns



The time comes when a front tooth needs to be taken out. No one wants to continue their daily routine with a tooth or several teeth in their “smile zone” missing. Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Sehgal are able to offer several different options to combat this problem, such as an implant, bridge, Essix retainer or interim partial denture. The patient below chose an interim partial. An interim partial denture, which is given to you the same day as your extraction allows you to have a full smile until you are fully healed.


Front tooth removal

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